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2017/01/23 · Samsung ended up recalling all Note 7 phones and canceling the product altogether. Samsung says it has developed a new eight-point battery check to make sure future devices don't suffer the same fate as the Galaxy. 2016/09/02 · 2016年8月に発売されたSamsungのフラッグシップ端末「Galaxy Note 7」が爆発するという報告が相次ぎ、Samsungが品質制御テストのために端末の出荷を延期したことをReutersが報じてい. Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant, was flying high as it prepared to launch the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone in late summer 2016. Already the world's largest smartphone maker, Samsung's move to phones with larger.

2017/08/24 · Samsung is looking to put their exploding-phone disaster behind them with the launch of the new Galaxy Note model. The smartphone giant, which was forced to suspend sales of their Galaxy Note 7 last year after some caught fire when the battery exploded, unveiled their Galaxy Note 8 in New York on Wednesday. 2017/01/24 · The Galaxy Note 7 looked like it had the potential to be an iPhone killer when it first hit, receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews. But after a number of incidents with the highly regarded, yet volatile phone, led to the phone overheating and either catching on fire or exploding, Samsung recalled the phone on Sept. 12. 2016/09/04 · Samsung has recalled its new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after reports it can overheat and even explode. The company said it "conducted a thorough investigation and found a battery cell issue." UPDATE: It has now stopped production. 2017/01/23 · Samsung Note 7 - how events unfolded 24 August: The first report of a Note 7 "exploding" appears in the news, soon followed by images of more smouldering Samsungs. 2 September: Samsung announces a voluntary global recall of 2.5 million Note 7 phones, citing faulty batteries. 2017/01/23 · Samsung would like you to believe that engineering—not mismanagement—were what caused its phones to explode. Today Jan. 23, the South Korean tech giant finally revealed the origins of the Galaxy Note 7 explosions that happened last summer during a.

2017/01/22 · Samsung builds a test lab to find the root cause of the Note 7's issues In the last 120 days, Samsung built a new test lab. It staffed it with 700 researchers, 200,000 devices and 30,000 batteries in an attempt to replicate. ม อถ อ Samsung note10, note9, note8, note fan edition, note5 เป ดโลกจ นตนาการด วยปลายปากกา S pen ปากกาอ จฉร ยะ พร อมโน ตท กรายละเอ ยด และร เร มไอเด ยใหม ๆ ด ข อม ล ราคา ท น.

Galaxy-Note7-What-We-Discovered-Infographic_Main_1-111x408.jpg ※ All images attached in the press releases published on Samsung Newsroom are also available on Samsung Newsroom's Media Library. UL-Galaxy-Note7-Press-Conference_Jan232017.pdf.

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